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Machine learning with Python course offered fun and challenging exercises

Aira Seuna

Age: 27
Education: MSc in Economics and Business Administration
Occupation: BI specialist
Applied to: Machine learning with Python

When Aira Seuna heard about a course Machine learning with Python, she got interested. The course was organised by her former university Aalto University and through FITech she could complete it flexibly and free of charge.

“The course gave me a good overall picture of machine learning. I enjoyed that I got to do things myself on the course. Because of that, I now have a better understanding what machine learning is all about”, says Seuna.

Seuna enjoyed solving the course exercises that were challenging enough. There was one exercise that even required a little puzzling over with her little brother.

Machine learning with Python is an excellent first touch to machine learning after which one can take advanced courses on the subject. Course is a good fit for anyone wanting to have basic information about the subject and a little bit extra.

Better than any free courses online

Seuna really appreciated the course boundaries, deadlines and the exercises that one can complete whenever it suits them.

”There are lots of courses like this online but I’ve noticed that I cannot get them finished for some reason. When I applied to this FITech course and there were certain deadlines and ready-made materials, it made my job a lot easier”, says Seuna.

Even though the course is completely online it has its own Slack channel where anyone could ask help from the course assistants and other students.

Seuna recommends the Machine learning with Python course because there is a low threshold for completing. Even if it has been a long time since those studying years, a 2 ECTS course is worth trying.

Broadening horizons at work

Seuna believes that FITech studies can offer a chance to enter different work projects, thanks to the new skills achieved on these courses.

“If you work in ICT or are interested in machine learning, it’s definitely beneficial to gain deeper understanding”, says Seuna.

She is also interested in other subjects, such as artificial intelligence and analytics and is considering to apply for other FITech courses as well. She believes that one needs to update their skills constantly.

”It’s totally unique that you can take university-level courses for free while working. It’s fantastic!”

Read more about the course and apply here!