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Emerging technology adoption and use

Individual course

Core content

  • The principles of information systems management
  • Emerging technologies
  • Technology adoption and use
  • Group assignment to analyze the adoption and/or use of a particular emerging technology in a specific setting with a specific lens

Complementary/specialist knowledge

  • Practical knowledge on managing information systems
  • Insights into emerging information systems, tools and services
  • Practical knowledge on information systems adoption and use
  • Insights to working on open-ended problems (groups select a topic they of their own choosing)
  • Specific theories on information systems management
  • Understanding the characteristics of a particular technology and their affordances
  • Specific theories on information systems adoption and use
  • Context-specific understanding of the use cases or processes that are changed because of technology adoption

Learning outcomes

After the course, the students

  • understand the effects of emerging technology (e.g. information systems) on individuals, organisations and societies.
  • can critically assess and identify characteristics of a particular technology (e.g. virtual reality), study its adoption and use in a particular setting (e.g. in manufacturing industry), with a particular lens (e.g. with a management theory to explain the influencing factors to its use).
  • can critically assess how the emerging technology can facilitate change in behavior and processes.
  • can apply their knowledge of emerging information systems phenomena to overcome a specific open-ended problem.

Teaching methods

Attending 50 % of the lectures on campus and successfully completing 1) three lecture diary reports (individual assignment) and 2) the course exercise (group assignment).

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Responsible teacher

Tampere University
Henri Pirkkalainen

Further information about the studies

Tampere University
Teemu Rauhala, ICT coordinator

Contact person for applications

FITech Network University
Fanny Qvickström, Student services specialist
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