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GNSS Technologies

Individual course

Max amount of FITech students: 40

The course discusses various subjects on satellite positioning technology and receiver design, such as signal acquisition and tracking, measurement errors, and integration with INS.

In detail:

  • GNSS signal structure: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou.
  • How a receiver acquires and tracks the GNSS signal.
  • Software receiver design principles.
  • Multi-system receivers.
  • Hands-on work with software receiver.
  • Integration of GNSS with other positioning sensors (e.g., inertial); Kalman filter, tight vs. loose integration.
  • Applications.
  • Position estimation from GNSS and uncertainty, estimation techniques.
  • Robustness and integrity issues.
  • GNSS augmentation systems.

The objective of the course is that students

  • gain a deeper understanding of satellite navigation systems and technologies (e.g. GPS, Galileo) that have wide applicability in today’s society and industry
  • understand receiver design issues in particular with a software GPS implementation
  • learn basics about GNSS/INS integration as well as GNSS with other positioning sensors
  • are able to analyze the performance of various positioning systems by applying the information and tools provided in the course.


  • Lectures (online with Zoom) on Fridays starting on Nov 6th at 12:15–13:45
  • Exercises with MatLab (online with Zoom) on Fridays starting on Nov 27th at 14:15–15:45
  • Course work assignment (online)
  • Moodle exam

More information in University of Vaasa’s course page.

Responsible teacher

University of Vaasa
Heidi Kuusniemi , Professor

Contact person for applications

Pilvi Lempiäinen , Head of study services
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Course code:
0 €
Teaching period:
Application deadline:
Host university:
University of Vaasa
Study is open for:
Adult learner,
Degree student
Teaching methods:
General prerequisites:
Basics in signal processing, communication engineering and linear algebra is advisable
Study suitable for:
Students within the disciplines of science, engineering and technology interested in satellite navigation and other positioning technologies. Course is also valid as a doctoral course.
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