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GNSS Technologies

Individual course

Max amount of FITech students: 40

The course discusses various subjects on satellite positioning technology and receiver design, such as signal acquisition and tracking, measurement errors, and integration with INS.

In detail:

  • GNSS signal structure: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou.
  • How a receiver acquires and tracks the GNSS signal.
  • Software receiver design principles.
  • Multi-system receivers.
  • Hands-on work with software receiver.
  • Integration of GNSS with other positioning sensors (e.g., inertial); Kalman filter, tight vs. loose integration.
  • Applications.
  • Position estimation from GNSS and uncertainty, estimation techniques.
  • Robustness and integrity issues.
  • GNSS augmentation systems.

The objective of the course is that students

  • gain a deeper understanding of satellite navigation systems and technologies (e.g. GPS, Galileo) that have wide applicability in today’s society and industry
  • understand receiver design issues in particular with a software GPS implementation
  • learn basics about GNSS/INS integration as well as GNSS with other positioning sensors
  • are able to analyze the performance of various positioning systems by applying the information and tools provided in the course.

There is an online exam on this course after the lectures in April 2021 (at earliest).

More information in University of Vaasa’s course page.

Responsible teacher

University of Vaasa
Heidi Kuusniemi , Professor

Contact person for applications

Pilvi Lempiäinen , Head of study services
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0 €
Teaching period:
Application deadline:
Host university:
University of Vaasa
Study is open for:
Adult learner,
Degree student
Teaching methods:
General prerequisites:
Basics in signal processing, communication engineering and linear algebra is advisable
Study suitable for:
Students within the disciplines of science, engineering and technology interested in satellite navigation and other positioning technologies. Course is also valid as a doctoral course.
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