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Machine learning

Individual course

Course contents

  • Components of machine learning: Data, hypothesis space and loss functions
  • Algorithms for machine learning: gradient descent, greedy search, linear solvers

Learning outcomes

After completing the course, the students

  • can formalise applications as ML problems and solve them using basic ML methods.
  • understand the concept of generalisation and how to analyse it using simple probabilistic models.
  • are familiar with linear models for regression and classification.
  • know how basic ML methods are obtained as combinations of particular choices for data representation (features), hypothesis space (model) and loss function.
  • are familiar with the idea of hard and soft clustering methods.
  • understand the basic idea of feature learning methods.

Teaching methods

The course follows a schedule and includes lectures, self study, assignments, and a project work.

The lectures might be organised on campus but will in any case be available online.


5 credits, approx. 130 hours of work divided into:

  • lectures + self-study (30 hours)
  • assignments (6 * 10 = 60 hours)
  • project work (around 40 hours)

For Aalto degree students: This course overlaps with Machine Learning: Basic Principles (CS-E3210) and Machine Learning with Python (CS-EJ3211) and only one of them can be included in the degrees. If you have already taken one of the basic machine learning courses, you should take the course Machine Learning: supervised methods (CS-E4710) instead.

More information in the Aalto University study guide.

You can get a digital badge after completing this course.

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AI and machine learning
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Aalto University
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Adult learner,
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Matrix algebra, probability theory, basic programming skills
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