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Mobile application development

Individual course

Mobile devices have became one of the major tools to access the digital world with huge different applications including for example e-commerce, e-health, e-government, social networks, as well as many industrial applications.

The increased penetration of cloud computing/storage has increased the capability of mobile devices. Hence, no need to perform intensive computing on mobile devices. The needs for mobile application developers have been dramatically increasing in the job markets.

Student who pass this course successfully:

  1. Is able to explain the mobile platform and knows most common device types.
  2. Is able to follow the design procedure and steps from an idea to a mobile application.
  3. Is able to implement simple applications on different mobile platforms, mainly Android and IOS.
  4. Is able to use mobile device emulators in development and knows how to debug application in a device.
  5. Is able to find technical documentation from the net to support development.
  6. Knows about application life cycle and the view model of OS.
  7. Is able to utilize cross-platform development technologies.
  8. Knows how to distribute mobile applications to public.
  9. Is able to setup development environment for mobile application development.
  10. Knows how to implement network operations and operate with backend applications.
  11. Is able to use native resources of a device, like storage and camera.

Course develops lifelong learning as well as oral, written and interpersonal skills (group work, English), critical and analytical thinking, problem modelling and solving skills, IT skills and optimized decisions.

More information in University of Vaasa’s course page.

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University of Vaasa
Maarit Välisuo , Project manager

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University of Vaasa
Mohammed Elmusrati

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Pilvi Lempiäinen , Head of study services
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ICT Studies
Software engineering
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University of Vaasa
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Adult learner,
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The general knowledge of programming languages.
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