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Web software development

Individual course

This free online course will teach you what web applications are, how they function, and how to build them with JavaScript and Deno, a modern runtime from the developers of Node.

The focus in the course is on designing, implementing, and testing server-side web applications. Along the way, you’ll also learn to deploy applications to cloud environments, and learn the basics of building client-side functionality of web applications.

After completing this course, the student understands

  • what web applications are, how they function, and how they are constructed.
  • the responsibilities of client-side web applications and server-side web applications, and is able to design, implement, and test applications that are structurally sound and secure.
  • the wide range of development and deployment strategies in modern web development, also considering the need for scalability, efficiency, and maintainability.

The course has no explicit deadlines and you can proceed in the course at your own pace. Official Aalto credits are available for participants with a Finnish social security number or an Aalto University student number.

You can get a digital badge after completing this course.

HTML CSS JavaScript testing testaus web-sovellus sovellukset Deno Node

Further information about the studies

Aalto University
Arto Hellas
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Software engineering,
Software systems,
Web programming
Course code:
Study credits:
0 €
Course level:
Teaching period:
Continuously on-going
Application deadline:
Continuously on-going
Host university:
Aalto University
Who can apply:
Adult learner,
Degree student
Teaching method:
Teaching language:
General prerequisites:
Some previous background in programming and databases as well as some familiarity with using the command-line or the willingness to learn how to use a command-line prompt during the course.
Course suitable for:
Anyone who is interested in learning how web applications work and how they are constructed.
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