How to apply?

FITech studies are organised by seven different universities. You can choose courses from one or several universities and apply for a study right for them.

You need to have Finnish personal identity code to apply and online banking access code to confirm your study place. If you do not have online banking access code, you need to visit the IT services of the university organising the studies.

For degree students: Remember that if the FITech course is organised by your home university you don’t need to fill in a separate application, but you can just sign up for the courses normally.

Find the course

Find the courses that suite best to your interests, schedules and goals. Familiarise yourself with the course descriptions and the possible prerequisites. One study credit (1 ECTS) is approximately 27 hours of studying. You can find the application deadlines on each course page. Please, apply only for the courses you are planning to complete!

Apply for study rights

Get your study rights by filling in an application in FITech’s application system. Click the “Start here” button on each course page to be directed to the right application form. Once your application has been accepted, you will get instructions on how to activate your IT-credentials and enroll to the courses. If you apply for courses from several universities, you will get separate IT-credentials and a user account/email address for each of them.

Enroll to courses

After getting your study right, you can activate your user account, enroll to the courses and log in to the study platforms. The study practices vary between universities, so please read the instructions sent to you carefully. Please notice that the universities send study information to the university email, so remember to read the mails regularly or forward them to your own email account.