How to get a FITech badge?

A digital badge is an easy way to share the courses you have completed and the skills you have acquired. Adult learners can get a digital FITech badge for the courses that have the link for getting the badge in the course information, and share them in LinkedIn profile or other social media platforms.

Adult learners can get a badge when the application to the course is made through the FITech website and the course is fully completed (credits registered to the university’s register). The badge applications are processed approximately once per month. (Degree students are not eligible for the badge, your degree certificate is proof of the studies).

Create an Open Badge Passport account

Open Badge Passport is a free service where you can gather all your digital badges.

Apply for a badge

After you have completed a course and your grade is registered, you can get a badge of the course. Login to your Open Badge Passport account and apply for the badge (press the text “Earn badges”). Get to know the instructions on how to apply for a badge (PDF). When applying for the badge, please use the same email address that you used in your Studyinfo application.

Share your badge

Once you get the badge to your account, you can share it in different social media platforms.

You can find the detailed instructions on how to apply for a badge below. The PDF-instructions also include screen shots. The badge applications are processed in the university which registers the credits.