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The FITech study offering for summer 2024 has been published – application period starts on 4 April

Published 2.4.2024

The application period for FITech summer courses starts on Thursday, 4th of April 2024 at 9 am.

This summer, FITech’s extensive study selection consists of over 100 free courses. The courses are related to the themes of Energy Storage, Hydrogen Economy, ICT, 5G Technology, and Wind Power, which is the newest addition to the FITech study portfolio. Nearly all of the summer courses can be studied online and at your own pace. More information about the course completion and potential prerequisities can be found from the course page of each course.

The FITech courses are offered by Aalto University, LUT University, Tampere University, University of Helsinki, University of Jyväskylä, University of Oulu, University of Turku, University of Vaasa, and Åbo Akademi.

The application period for the summer courses starts on Thursday, 4.4.2024 at 9 am. There are also plenty of continuously ongoing courses that you can already start studying.

Explore the FITech summer courses on our website!


Wind power-related course available for the first time

A new wind power-related FITech course called “Renewable Energy Engineering” will be organised for the first time this summer. The course is organised by Aalto University. More information about the course and its schedule will be added to the FITech Wind Power study module’s page in April.

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