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LUT University

For degree students: The MEC, ELEC and EnTeDI programmes of LUT University’s FITech Turku project lead to master’s degrees in machine, electrical and energy technology for the needs of industry in Southwest Finland. All programmes are implemented through multidisciplinary and online studies. The strengths of the programme of mechanical engineering… Read more about LUT University

University of Vaasa

For degree students: University of Vaasa offers FITech students courses on modern technologies of marine machineries and energy generation. Renewable fuels, emissions abatement and engine technologies are dealt with. The minor also covers a variety of methods to increase renewable energy generation in both off- and on-shore applications. Read more about University of Vaasa

Aalto University

For degree students: Aalto University offers students minors in the following fields: Marine technology International design business management (IDBM) High-growth operations management (HGO) Project management The marine technology minor provides students with a good overall understanding of key engineering aspects related to shipbuilding and the marine environment. The IDBM minor… Read more about Aalto University

University of Oulu

For degree students: University of Oulu offers minor studies in steel know-how. The steel know-how minor focuses on the characteristics of steel and the use of steels in the manufacturing industries. In co-operation with Åbo Akademi, University of Oulu also offers minor studies on environmental engineering. The minor introduces students… Read more about University of Oulu

Tampere University

For degree students: Tampere University has a strong reputation in research co-operation with industry, which is reflected in our education and course offering in FITech. Topics that we offer the following academic year are industrial robotics, material science and biotechnology. Tampere University offers minor studies in production automation and industrial… Read more about Tampere University