Industrial Value Creation and Management

Please note that minors are no longer offered via FITech. Please check if the individual courses are available for applications.

The program in Industrial Value Creation and Management (IVCM) provides skills to career paths in management consulting, industrial sales, project, service and product management.

After reaching the end of a learning path of four courses you will understand how value is created and captured and have the skills to actively manage value increasing initiatives.

The two first courses of the learning path are on the intermediate level which are followed by two courses on the advanced level.

“The course fits perfectly my desire to explore business ideas by providing fundamental understanding of business models and most importantly the ability to think about and realize the importance of developing ecosystems or their co-evolution as such.”

Sanjay Sarkhel, Business Models and Ecosystems

This course will give you knowledge on how value is created in and by a firm.

The aim of the course is to give you the tools and focus so that you are can use them when analyzing and managing the value creation processes going forward on the learning path. Special emphasis is put on service innovation, sustainable value creation and how digitalization can improve the value creation processes.
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The next course, Project management, is based on the theoretical foundations closer to the practical management of projects.

Through real-life examples and exercises you will learn methods to manage a range of different projects in a firm. The course serves as a basis to a career in project management, especially the starting functions such as project planning and control. After completing the course the student knows the most important areas of project management and relevant concepts related to it, current trends in project management and central methods in project management. They can also apply project management methods when leading different projects. The course offers the opportunity to complete The Project Management Assocation PM certification, which covers the same competence areas as IPMA level D. The certification is free of charge.
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In this course, you will get a more in depth view of specific areas of project management.

You will need to be familiar with these areas when you one day have the overall responsibility of large projects. The areas include, for example, analytical methods to handle uncertainty and information flows in project scheduling, applying cash-flow analysis and budgeting, analyzing and dealing with risks in projects, as well as multi-party project agreements.
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After you master value creation and the harvesting of this value in specific projects in the firm, the course Business models and ecosystems challenges you to think about the industrial value creation from a wider perspective.

Here we move from the firm level-thinking to analyzing and identifying current and future business opportunities on the ecosystem level. We use our creativity to analyze if value delivered by a whole network of firms could be enhanced. "These discussions were something that I enjoyed most. The participants whole heartedly contributed with their inputs and feedback. The instructors greatly supported the discussions with their critical inputs. It was a very positive and stimulating experience and certainly a key feature of the course." - Sanjay Sarkhel, Business Models and Ecosystems alumnus.
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