Project course in hydrogen economy

Is your company working on a hydrogen economy development project? Register your topic for the FITech Hydrogen project course!

We are looking for corporate partners to join a project course organised by FITech universities to promote students’ and companies’ understanding of the business opportunities and challenges of the hydrogen economy.

The course is primarily aimed at staff from companies working in the hydrogen economy, but the project teams will also include degree students.

The course will provide students with perspectives and practical solutions to a range of real-life challenges faced by companies working in the hydrogen economy. At the same time, students will develop a range of important support skills, such as communicating and presenting their own ideas, working in teams, and searching for and applying information.

The first project course will be arranged in the spring of 2024. The themes of the spring projects will be related to hydrogen purity and planning a hydrogen station. More information will be provided in January 2024.

Questions and answers for companies

We are looking for companies operating in Finland that are involved in the hydrogen economy or are developing business related to hydrogen.

Companies are expected to be available for interviews with the student group, to supervise the students’ work for a few hours and to provide any other supporting material needed. Interviews will be agreed on a case-by-case basis. As a general rule, guidance will come from the university side. Companies will be invited to listen to the final seminar of the course, where students will present their results.

Companies receive an analysis of the problem by the student group and well-founded suggestions for solving the problem or challenge. The perspective can be business or technical/operational. Student reports are public and do not include confidential material.

Companies register by filling in the form.

The implementation of the project will be agreed separately. Registration is not binding until a suitable supervisor and student team are found. The names of the participating companies will be published on the course page of the project course.

General questions:

Sanna Viitanen
Project manager, FITech Hydrogen

Questions related to the course content:

Pekka Peljo
Associate professor, Materials Engineering
University of Turku

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Courses are free of charge for all Finns and permanent residents of Finland.