Hydrogen economy

Hydrogen plays an important role in the green transition from fossil fuels towards the production and use of renewable energy.

This study module brings together the educational offering from all technical universities in Finland. It consists of 20–40 ECTS of studies. We recommend to start with the introductory course and then move to other courses of the module according to your interests. The module can be complemented with elective studies. Hydrogen Cluster Finland has participated in planning the content of the module. The courses will also include guest lecturers from companies.

The purpose of this study module is to give a holistic understanding of hydrogen economy and its value chain as well as related technical, economical and political questions.

The study module considers hydrogen as a system and also as a part of the energy system. The use of hydrogen is investigated as a part of machines and energy generation, and also discussed from the
perspective of different chemical products that are derivatives of hydrogen. To complete the picture, the life cycle analysis and the role of hydrogen in energy and geopolitics are also considered.

Start here: Introduction to hydrogen economy, 5 ECTS, Aalto University. Next courses in no specific order: Hydrogen as fuel in combustion engines, 5 ECTS, University of Vaasa; Hydrogen production and storage, 5 ECTS, University of Oulu; Fuel cells, moving working machines and transportation, hydrogen networks, 5 ECTS, Tampere University.
The structure of FITech Hydrogen study module.

Preliminary schedule for courses

Introduction to hydrogen economy by Aalto University

  • Application period ends on 26 February
  • Flexible start, deadline for starting the course is on 6 March

Hydrogen as fuel in combustion engines by University of Vaasa

  • Application period has ended
  • Teaching has started in February
  • Stay tuned for updates on the next course implementation!

Fuel cells, moving working machines and transportation, hydrogen networks by Tampere University

  • Application period starts in February
  • Teaching starts in March

Hydrogen production and storage by University of Oulu

  • Application period starts in April/May
  • Teaching starts in May

Teaching and application period

Below you will find all hydrogen economy courses that FITech offers.

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All studies are free of charge. FITech reserves the right to change the course information without prior notice.

NB! You can take one or more courses but it is not mandatory to complete all of the courses in the specialisation. Some courses have limits on the amount of FITech students. Persons without a valid study right to a Finnish university have preference to those courses.