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Energy technology


University of Vaasa offers minor studies focused on marine power generation systems, fuels and abatement solutions of exhaust emissions.

What is it about?

For marine applications, new renewable fuel options and novel prime mover solutions are required to increase the sustainability of the marine transport and traffic. The demand for drastically decreased greenhouse gas and pollutant emissions has grown rapidly in recent years and the marine legislation is becoming tighter all the time. Consequently, the use of gas as marine fuel is increasing. Different hybrid power plants become more common. Various solutions have been and are developed for the reduction of emissions.

This minor concentrates on the marine fuel alternatives, efficient and flexible prime movers and emissions abatement systems. Studies cover liquid renewable fuels and their blends with fossil fuels as well as gaseous fuel alternatives. In addition, the courses deal with the fundamentals of internal combustion engines. The emissions abatement systems are also considered.

Finally, the student can collect all their new knowledge by performing project work and writing a special assignment within the marine energy generation systems – preferably in close cooperation with a company.

Who is it for?

The module is suitable for students seeking a career in the marine or energy sector. Secondary, for people that are generally interested in shaping a professional viewpoint on sustainability and energy problems. Thus, the courses are useful for a person planning a career in a governmental organisation or policymaking where such problems gain increased social attention.

Why attend?

The module provides the participant with basic engineering knowledge and tools used in the design, operation and maintenance of most relevant energy system components: fuel supply chain, combustion engines and after-treatment systems. The courses are concluded with a view on system integration from an industrial perspective. The module promotes problem-solving and analytical skills in the domain and gives a solid basis for starting a successful career in the rapidly developing energy sector, in both engineering and management positions.

Nb! If you want to take the whole minor, you need to start with the course Marine and power plant engines.

Professor in charge

University of Vaasa
Seppo Niemi , Professor

Contact person in practical matters

University of Vaasa
Maria Tuuri , Coordinator

Contact person for applications

Pilvi Lempiäinen , Service designer
Start the application process
Start the application process
Technical studies
Energy engineering
5–20 ECTS
Teaching period:
Host university:
University of Vaasa
Study is open for:
Adult learner,
Degree student
Teaching methods:
Place of contact learning:
General prerequisites:
Basic knowledge of physics and chemistry
Study suitable for:
The courses are especially suitable for master's level students with some background knowledge of physics and chemistry
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