Aalto University

Photo: Aalto University

For degree students:

Aalto University offers students minor studies in the fields of Marine technology, International design business management (IDBM) and Project management.

The marine technology minor provides students with a good overall understanding of key engineering aspects related to shipbuilding and the marine environment. The IDBM minor familiarises students with the viewpoints of arts, business and engineering to create better businesses with meaningful innovations and designs, providing a strategic view into design-intensive business management.

Additionally, Aalto offers teaching in project & industrial management in cooperation with Åbo Akademi University and University of Oulu.

For adult learners:

Aalto University offers introductory, intermediate and advanced level studies in computer science. If you want to start programming from scratch, get to know our MOOCs which give you a wide view of the terminology and basics of ICT sector.

The intermediate level course modules provide understanding for instance in machine learning, programming in C or Python and digitalisation in general.

Aalto University offers advanced course modules in multiple themes. Three biggest themes are machine learning/data science, software systems (web/cloud), and software engineering. In addition, Aalto University provides some courses in industrial internet and digital transformation.