LUT University

Main entrance to LUT University's Lappeenranta campus in the evening.
Photo: Teemu Leinonen

For degree students:

The MEC, ELEC and EnTeDI programmes of LUT University’s FITech Turku project lead to master’s degrees in machine, electrical and energy technology for the needs of industry in Southwest Finland. All programmes are implemented through multidisciplinary and online studies.

The strengths of the programme of mechanical engineering (MEC) include the design of steel structures, virtual modelling and machine design. The programme of electrical engineering (ELEC) is Finland’s most extensive remote programme package focusing on the technologies of electricity use. The degree’s strengths include the application of the latest research results in electricity use technology to practical engineering problems. The programme of energy technology (EnTeDI) excels in energy economy, energy efficiency and sustainable development.

For adult learners:

LUT University’s degree programmes of information technology and electrical engineering do their bit in reducing the shortage of experts in the ICT sector by providing instruction in software technology, IoT and embedded systems.

Studies in software technology aim at providing the students with skills to first participate in software projects as a developer, then as an expert and finally as a project leader. Students do not only learn to perceive and build software packages in different programming languages and information management technologies, but the course also takes into account factors required in the design of digitalisation, sustainability and the construction and testing of high-quality software products.

The teaching of electrical engineering excels particularly in automation equipment and system technologies, IoT, wireless data transfer systems and practical programming of embedded systems. Application reviews focus particularly on power electronics and electrical applications.