Tampere University

Photo: Jonne Renvall

For degree students:

Tampere University has strong reputation in research co-operation with industry, which is reflected in our education and course offering in FITech. Topics that we offer the following academic year are industrial robotics, material science and biotechnology.

Tampere University offers minor studies in production automation and industrial robotics. The minor offers both basic and advanced knowledge on design and implementation of discrete production systems.

The minor in materials science provides the student basic knowledge in plastic (polymer), ceramic and composite materials.

For adult learners:

Tampere University has been a pioneer in the field of information technology education and we are training top experts in business, society and science. Technologies and skills in networking and clouds belong to the core of the studies. A rich variety of supplementary courses in a range of topics such as business, information security, user experience, big data and IoT are available at Tampere University.

Software Engineering (Web & Cloud) provides a solid understanding in software engineering, the ability to design and implement large software systems and the competence to manage and improve software development processes.

Embedded systems work in interaction with their environment and other systems; they sense, process and communicate and even scavenge their energy from the environment. Embedded systems combine hardware and software expertise.

In order to achieve greenhouse gas emission targets and renewable energy production, electrification of transport and charging infrastructure should evolve dramatically in the coming years, both globally and in Finland. Tampere University offers courses for minor in topic of Smart Grids and transportation applications in electrical energy engineering.