• FITech studies are targeted primarily for the degree students of the following universities: Aalto University, Lappeenranta University of Technology, University of Turku, Åbo Akademi, University of Oulu, Tampere University of Technology and University of Vaasa.
  • Most of the courses are also available for graduates and company representatives from Southwest Finland.
  • The Master Degree Programs are designed for Bachelors from universities or universities of applied sciences.
  • Check also the course specific prerequisites to assess if the studies are suitable for you.
  • You can always contact us if you are uncertain of your eligibility to apply!
  • Fill in an application in JOOPAS system. Instructions for the application process can be found here.
  • Remember that if the FITech minor/course is organized by your home university you don’t need to fill in a JOOPAS application but you can just sign up for the courses normally.
  • FITech offers flexible study options and a lot of distance study opportunities. Some of the courses may include also classroom studies that are mainly organized in Turku.
  • The Master Degree Programs are also suitable for you even if you work full time.
  • The aim is to offer studies that improve the students’ employment opportunities in the booming economy in Turku region. The courses and minors are designed based on the needs of the industry in Southwest Finland. So you can’t go wrong there!
  • Consider your career plans, interests and hopes for the future when choosing the right courses for you. Discuss with the study advisor or HOPS-advisor of your faculty to agree how the FITech studies can be included in your degree.
  • If you need additional information of the courses or minors, you can find the contact information of the responsible teachers on the web page of the studies.
  • FITech credits are accredited in all the FITech universities. You can transfer the credits through Puro application or by providing the transcript of records to your home university.
  • FITech aims to meet the demand of both the students and the industry and therefore the selection of courses is evaluated after each semester.
  • We update the study offering of the spring semester in each November and the courses for fall semester are published in April.
  • Students can take any courses free of charge.


FITech students have a study right to all the networked universities, so from and admin point-of-view, there shuoldn’t be a problem. If issues do arise, you can be in touch with the head of study services at your university for help!

Many universities have internal projects with the aim to support development of digital pedagogy. If you need further help, please be in touch with the FITech project team and we’ll find a solution together!

Students of FITech Turku can for instance be supplementing their previous education or be STEM students from universities in Turku. The aim of FITech Turku is to use a multitude of approaches to strenghten engineering capabilities in the Turku region, which means we also have various target groups of students. If you’d like someone to hone your idea of the target group of your course with, you can be in contact with the FITech project team or for instance the VP of education at your university.