FITech 101 study offering

Studying with FITech has never been so easy!

FITech offers several MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course). These are online courses that can be studied by masses without restrictions to amounts of participants or schedules.

FITech MOOCs are meant for everyone wanting to get to know the basic terminology of the field of ICT. All FITech studies are meant for Finnish citizens or people who live permanently in Finland.

You can study the courses at your own pace. The extent of the courses may vary, but in general 1 ECTS translates to approx. 27 hours of studying.

First courses are up and running

In August 2020, we published the first three courses of our FITech 101: Digi & Data specialization. The courses are organised by Aalto University.

These courses are taught in Finnish. You can get to know the courses on this page (in Finnish).

Learn about blockchains in English

FITech 101 MOOCs get new additions during this year. First, we’ll launch an online course pilot called Blockchain Business Applications.

This course offers the students basic understanding of blockchains and how to deploy them in business.

The course is available on FITech MOOCs platform which you can enter by clicking here.

We reserve the right to change the course information without prior notice.

More continuously on-going courses in English