Master of Science in technology: MEC programme

The aim of the programme is to provide engineers in mechanical engineering especially for the needs of the Finnish marine and automotive industry and their subcontractors.

A graduate engineer completing a degree in mechanical engineering:

  • Provides a systematic analytical approach to solve pragmatic mechanical problems and abstract problems
  • Design and develop machines and equipment as well as machine systems
  • Draw conclusions to solve optimisation tasks in engineering applications using mathematical and physical justifications
  • Provides an overall view of the functioning of mechatronic machines and devices, their dynamics analysis and simulation as part of the process of designing a multi-tech product
  • Apply theoretical virtual modeling principles and ways to solve practical problems related to machine dynamics, robotics and mechatronics
  • Provides a complete understanding of the analysis and coordination of the durability, reliability, manufacturability and metallurgical aspects of welded metal structures
  • Apply design and design principles for metal structures and ways to solve practical problems
  • Choose appropriate design tools to make the design of machines, equipment and structures more productive
  • To perceive and solve innovative research, product development and production problems that are emerging from industry
  • Identify and apply the needs and special features of other fields of technology as part of the product development process
  • Have the skills to undertake scientific postgraduate studies and independent study.

Courses included in the programme:

  • Tutkimusmetodiikka
  • Machine Dynamics
  • Metalliset materiaalit
  • Fluid Power
  • Teräsrakenteiden suunnittelu
  • Simulation of mechatronic machine
  • Industrial applications of robot systems
  • Control of Mechatronic Machines
  • Hitsaustekniikan jatkokurssi
  • Hitsausmetallurgia
  • FE-analyysin sovellukset konetekniikassa
  • Tuotantotekniikan erityisopintojakso
  • Diplomityö ja seminaari
  • Individual Project Work
  • Laser Based Manufacturing for Design
  • Laser Materials Processing
  • Digital Advanced Manufacturing with Lasers
  • Additive Manufacturing – 3D Printing
  • Konstruktiomateriaalit ja niiden valinta
  • Green Fibre Materials
  • Productivity and sustainability in sheet metal production

Further information:

Professor in charge: Prof. Harri Eskelinen, LUT University ( +358 40 197 9280

Contact person in practical matters: Katriina Mielonen, LUT University (

Other teachers: Jussi Sopanen, Aki Mikkola, Heikki Handroos, Timo Björk, Juha Varis, Antti Salminen all from LUT University

If you have any questions, please contact LUT University: or tel. 0400 295 130, More info

Type of study unit



120 ECTS

Teaching semester

Start 09/2020. Duration 2 yrs.

Host university

LUT University

Open for degree student


Level of studies


General prerequisites

Bachelor's degree

Teaching methods

Mostly online studies, some intensive studies e.g. laboratory work in Turku or in Lappeenranta

Place of contact learning

Turku & Lappeenranta


Finnish & English

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