Smart systems

Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) are emerging technologies looking for use cases in all domains of IT. Expectations of the next level of problem solving and automation are high not only on the level of application software but also in the context of large systems such as mobile networks, cloud platforms or IoT systems. Conception of these complex and large smart systems can lead in major advances in IT productivity. One example is a 5G mobile connectivity environment which includes endless opportunities for AI/ML based performance improvements.

Studying smart systems develops students’ skills on two levels: relevant AI/ML methods and domain-specific systems. Mastering both levels is an asset that first helps students zoom into challenging problem-solving in the target domain but also reduces the threshold of moving to other smart system domains.

Teaching and application period

FITech offers courses about smart systems from basic to advanced level. Stepwise progress toward more advanced courses is necessary. Please, pay attention to the prerequisites of each course before applying.

To find out the exact application period, see the details of each course below. If the application period is not active, you can subscribe to the course. This way, you will receive an email notification when the application period starts or other course information is changed.

All studies are free of charge. FITech reserves the right to change the course information without prior notice.

NB! You can take one or more courses but it is not mandatory to complete all of the courses in the specialization. Some courses have limits on the amount of FITech students. Persons without a valid study right to a Finnish university have preference to those courses.