Chemistry and materials

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First courses start during September 2019.

Courses related to this theme will focus on understanding chemistry, processes and properties of different materials which are used in different type of energy storage technologies (lithium ion batteries, supercapacitors etc.) today and in the future.

The study module consists of both core and supporting courses. Core courses are considered to be the most important of the module, and supporting courses offer additional information about the subject.

It is possible to study only individual courses or whole 25–30 ECTS module (in which courses from different themes can be included).

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Available courses:

Schedule: 2.9.–25.10.2019
Distance learning possibility: Classroom teaching in Turku, lectures available online and recorded.
Prerequisites: –
Responsible teacher: Henrik Saxén (henrik.saxen(at)
Content summary:

This is a course for those who wish to refresh and deepen their knowledge in thermodynamics. During the course you will get acquainted with the foundations of thermodynamics, and how these can be used to tackle some engineering problems using mathematical models.


Schedule: 2.9.–25.10.2019
Distance learning possibility: No. Classroom teaching and laboratory exercises in Turku.
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge and understanding of chemistry and general phenomenon behind chemical reactions.
Responsible teacher: Tom Lindfors (tom.lindfors(at)
Content summary:

This course gives students basic knowledge in electrochemistry and some of its common applications, for example scanning electrochemical microscopy. Also theoretical knowledge of other electrochemical concepts such as Fuel cells, supercapacitors and batteries will be presented.


  • University of Turku: Electrical transport in solids and interfaces (5 ECTS)

Schedule: 28.10.–22.12.2019
Distance learning possibility: The course includes exercises where attendance is necessary.
Prerequisites: Basics of solid state physics and quantum physics.
Content summary:

The course will give understanding of the transport mechanisms in different materials and learn how real devices based on those phenomena actually work. In this course we will study a wide range of electrical transport phenomena as well as devices that involve interfaces between different conductors, semiconductors and insulators.

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Schedule: 28.10.–1.11.2019
Distance learning possibility: No. Intensive course in Turku.
Prerequisites: Knowledge of basic chemistry and chemical principles.
Responsible teacher: Tom Lindfors (tom.lindfors(at)
Content summary:

This one week intensive course offers students an introduction to industrial scale combustion systems and fundamental theoretical tools for studying chemistry in combustion processes.