Industrial Value Creation and Management

The program in Industrial value creation and management provides skills to career paths in management consulting, industrial sales, project, service and product management.

After reaching the end of a learning path of four courses you will understand how value is created and captured and have the skills to actively manage value increasing initiatives.

The two first courses of the learning path are on the intermediate level which are followed by two courses on the advanced level.



The course focuses on basic project management methods. Nowadays, companies apply project management basics in many different areas, and therefore the basic knowledge of project management is relevant for industry employees.

After completing the course the student: Knows the most important areas of project management and relevant concepts related to it Knows and can use central methods in project management Can apply project management methods when leading different projects Knows current trends in project management The course offers the opportunity to complete The Project Management Assocation PM certification, which covers the same competence areas as IPMA level D. The certification is free of charge.
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