FITech Energy Storage

FITech offers courses on energy storage and conversion technologies for adult learners

Climate change mitigation efforts are creating an unprecedeted demand for technologies to store and convert energy in different forms.

Globally, massive investments are being made to battery production and other energy storage technologies as well as conversion technologies needed in smart energy systems, and applications in various fields are being developed at a rapid pace. From the viewpoint of the competitiveness of Finnish industry, ensuring sufficient engineering competence in the field of energy engineering is vitally important.

FITech Energy Storage provides adult learners with opportunities to supplement and update competences with courses in energy technologies and business from seven FITech universities. A student can attend a single course or take part in a larger set of courses as preferred.

FITech Energy Storage is funded by Ministry of Education and Culture until the end of 2024.

The three study themes are

Courses related to “Chemistry and materials of energy storages” theme will focus on understanding chemistry, processes and properties of different materials which are used in different type of energy storage technologies (lithium ion batteries, supercapacitors etc.) today and in the future.

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Courses related to “Applications and technologies of energy storages” theme will focus on different small & large-scale and short & long term energy storage and conversion technologies and applications.

For example, courses will cover utilisation of energy storages in

  • stationary grid applications (different size of microgrids, hybrid power plants, virtual powerplants)
  • transportation sector applications (electric/hybrid vehicles, busses, ships, ferries and mobile working machinery)
  • integration of different energy vectors (electricity, heat, gas, hydrogen).

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Courses related to “Energy markets and business models” theme will focus on flexible energy resources utilisation enabling business models, regulation, and future energy market structures.

Future operation and planning principles based on active utilisation of renewables and flexible energy resources need development of compatible business models, regulation, market, tariff and tax structures.

Courses are based on utilisation of renewables and flexible energy resources. They take strongly into account the role of different stakeholders, especially customers in order to achieve optimal solutions from the whole society’s point of view.

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How FITech Energy Storage is organised

The project is coordinated by University of Vaasa. It has an executive and an operative group.

The executive group is as follows:

Raine Hermans (University of Vaasa)
Pertti Järventausta (Tampere University)
Janne Karonen (Metso Outotec)
Carita Kvarnström (University of Turku)
Ulla Lassi (University of Oulu)
Matti Lehtonen (Aalto University)
Jari Mattila (Valmet Automotive)
Pertti Kauranen (LUT University)
Justin Salminen, Chair (Boliden)
Henrik Saxen (Åbo Akademi University)
Matti Vaattovaara (ABB)

The operative group is as follows:

Salla Annala (LUT University)
Mikko Helle (Åbo Akademi University)
Marko Hinkkanen (Aalto University)
Pertti Järventausta (Tampere University)
Carita Kvarnström (University of Turku)
Ulla Lassi (University of Oulu)
Sanna Valkosalo (University of Vaasa)