For teachers

Learning design and support for online learning at FITech

FITech supports the teachers of the network in multiple ways. Network’s teachers can get personal consultation and support in the development of their courses. FITech also offers training and workshops for the network member universities.

In addition, FITech has also published easy-access material for individual work on online courses. The materials are published as open source, for anyone to download and make use of.

The teachers of FITech are facing a new situation with extremely diverse student population and the learning happening mostly online. This is why FITech is providing ready-to-use tools in a compact format. 

The tools provided by FITech have been published as the Learning Design Toolkit. The Design Book functions as a user manual for the Learning Design Toolkit. its content is based on the science of learning and the guidelines for university pedagogy and digital pedagogy at the FITech member universities. FITech has chosen the approach of learner-centric learning design, which is described in the Design Book.

All the material below is published with the open CCBY 4.0 license to make it as easy as possible to use and distribute. Materials are free to download and use by anyone, also outside of FITech.

Open materials by FITech