Applications and technologies of energy storages

FITech offers courses on energy storages that answer to the increasing need of energy storage professionals.

Courses related to “Applications and technologies” theme will focus on different small & large-scale and short & long term energy storage and conversion technologies and applications. For example, courses will cover utilisation of energy storages in

  1. stationary grid applications (different size of microgrids, hybrid power plants, virtual powerplants)
  2. transportation sector applications (electric/hybrid vehicles, busses, ships, ferries and mobile working machinery)
  3. integration of different energy vectors (electricity, heat, gas, hydrogen).

The study module consists of both core and supporting courses. Core courses are considered to be the most important of the module, and supporting courses offer additional information about the subject.

It is possible to study only individual courses or whole 25–30 ECTS module (in which courses from different themes can be included).

Advanced courses