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Explore this autumn’s hydrogen economy courses and earn a hydrogen skills badge!

Published 14.6.2024

Free hydrogen economy studies until summer 2025

The role of hydrogen in the green transition and in achieving Finland’s 2035 carbon neutrality goal is significant. FITech’s studies cover the entire value chain of the hydrogen economy and they are designed to address the current skill gap in the hydrogen economy.

The project funded by the Service Centre for Continuous Learning and Employment SECLE offers free hydrogen economy studies through FITech until summer 2025. You still have time to learn the basics of the hydrogen economy or dive deeper into the fields of hydrogen production, applications, storage, and logistics! We recommend starting with the Introduction to hydrogen economy course, for which the autumn application period ends on June 15, 2024. After this, the course will be offered once more in spring 2025.

FITech’s digital badges

Adult learners can earn digital skills badges for FITech courses, which can be shared on digital platforms like LinkedIn as a proof of acquired skills. A digital badge is awarded for all FITech courses that have a link to apply for the badge. Learn more about the digital badge here.

You can also earn a FITech H2Xpert hydrogen skills badge that is awarded to an adult learner after they have successfully completed at least three hydrogen economy related courses from the list below.

FITech H2Xpert hydrogen skills badge

By completing at least three hydrogen courses, adult learners can earn a FITech H2Xpert badge. The badge can be added to your LinkedIn profile to showcase your expertise in topics related to the hydrogen economy.

Adult learner, here is how to apply for the badge

  1. Complete at least three courses from the list below successfully.
  2. Once the organising university has recorded your course credits, apply for FITech’s digital badge for each completed course.
  3. Once you have earned three digital badges, you will automatically be awarded the FITech H2Xpert hydrogen skills badge. You don’t need to apply for the H2Xpert badge separately.

Courses eligible for the hydrogen expert badge

There are still ten courses available in the autumn that can be included in the FITech H2Xpert badge. You still have time to explore the free hydrogen economy studies and earn your hydrogen skills badge – start studying today!

The following past courses can also be included in the hydrogen skills badge:

Interested? You can read more about the studies on the hydrogen economy theme page.

Application period open for autumn courses

Remember that FITech’s autumn course application period is open! In addition to hydrogen economy studies, other renewable energy courses, such as energy storage and wind power, as well as courses in information technology and mathematics, for example, are available. Explore all courses on FITech’s course search and apply soon!

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