Strengthen your IT knowledge with studies

Thanks to the high level of expertise and technological innovations, Finland has for a long time been recognised as a globally renowned and accomplished player in the IT field. The expertise has been at the forefront globally, as investments have been made in education, further strengthening the position of the technology sector.

Currently, there is a growing need in Finland for IT professionals with even broader expertise in various subjects. Particularly in the IT sector, the pace of change is rapid as technologies develop quickly, and one must keep up with the progress. Therefore, the knowledge acquired in school at an earlier time is no longer sufficient on its own. Working in the field or in its vicinity requires continuous updating of skills.

The courses related to communications engineering offered by FITech provide opportunities for professionals already working in the field or aspiring to work in it, such as those planning a career change. Degree students can also take advantage of FITech’s course offering.

The courses are divided into five different themes, which you can explore below.

Get to know the topics on introductory courses

What 5G is and what kind of impact it has on our lives?
5G technology deployment is still at the early stages but its role as a leading standard in mobile communication is imminent. On this course, we explore the transition from 4G standard to 5G, can this new standard bring significant changes to the existing services and interactions and if 5G is a universal communication solution for any industry. The course has no prerequisites which make it suitable for everyone wanting to learn more about the topic. It is possible to study the course online at one's own pace.
What does the future of 5G look like?
On this course, we take a look at the topic starting from the structure of mobile networks, their standardisation, and key services provided by mobile networks. Then we move on to 4G and 5G networks and to conclude, we discuss the design and standardisation of the next mobile network architecture: 6G. Recommended prerequisites include a basic understanding of computer networks and wireless communications. It is possible to study the course online at one's own pace.

What to study after the introductory level courses?

Through self-paced online courses, you can get acquainted with various topics in a versatile manner. If you want to further deepen your expertise, FITech offers basic and advanced level courses that are suitable for individuals who have advanced further in their studies or for those who have gained basic knowledge through work experience.

Explore the studies below and choose the best option for yourself!