Data science

Designing software-based services and products is more than mere coding – the work involves many different phases. This is why a software developer or data system designer must master a variety of information and skills that are taught in data science.

Studying data science prepares the student for work in various specialist tasks. Experts in the field understand the technologies, are wide-ranging in their thinking, and design digital products and services with a focus on the human point of view.

In the best of cases, augmenting previously acquired education, knowledge, and skills through data science studies can lead to an expanded job description and even open new employment opportunities. Simply studying the basic sciences can help anybody better understand, for example, what the introduction of new technology requires in an organisation, or how end-users are considered when system procurements are made.

Anyone who is interested in the topic may attend courses for beginners. In some of the courses, attendance is even possible without a requirement of prior knowledge. In the elementary courses you will learn basic information on matters such as the key concepts and phenomena in the field. Intermediate and advanced courses focus on matters such as more demanding software development and multicultural design.

Teaching and application period

Below you will find all data science courses that FITech offers. Some of the courses are continuously ongoing and some have different application periods. To find out the exact application period, see course details. If the application period is not active, you can subscribe to the course. This way, you will receive an email notification when the application period starts or other course information is changed.

All studies are free of charge. FITech reserves the right to change the course information without prior notice.

NB! You can take one or more courses but it is not mandatory to complete all of the courses in the specialization. Some courses have limits on the amount of FITech students. Persons without a valid study right to a Finnish university have preference to those courses.

Intermediate courses
Advanced courses