Learn about accessibility with FITech’s free online courses

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Understanding the basic principles of accessibility allows you to help create environments and services that are accessible to everyone – whether it’s a person with physical limitations, visual or hearing impairments, or different learning styles. And even if a person does not have special needs, accessibility improves the user experience for all service users.

Practical examples of improving accessibility include adding clear subtitles to videos, designing user-friendly websites, and making physical spaces accessible. These small actions can have a significant impact.

FITech’s free accessibility courses offer up-to-date continuing education for professionals in various fields and positions, as well as anyone interested in the topic.

Courses covering various topics

FITech’s courses cover accessibility from many different perspectives. Themes include artificial intelligence (AI), websites, educational materials, social media, games, and speech recognition, just to mention a few.

Courses suitable for studying alongside work

The courses are short, one-credit (1 ECTS) glimpses into the subject. One ECTS corresponds to approximately 27 hours of study.

The courses are continuously available and can be completed flexibly at your own pace. After completing a course, students can earn a FITech digital badge, which they can share in their LinkedIn profile, for example. Learn more about FITech badges.

The free courses are provided by Tampere University.

Explore all the available accessibility courses through the course carousels below and start studying right away!