Everyone can learn how to code. The road to become a talented programmer insists on long-term practice and commitment.

Luckily, not everyone needs to end up as a talented programmer. Many of us have job descriptions that don’t include programming at all. Nevertheless, even very basic programming skills help to understand and practice other things related to programming and software engineering projects.

Some of the FITech beginner courses don’t have any prerequisites related to programming, and it’s easy to start studying for example alongside work.

Are you an experienced programmer? FITech offers also intermediate and advanced courses for anyone with prior experience in programming.

On the basic courses, you will learn about the basic concepts of programming and programming languages such as Dart and Python. On the advanced level, you will get to know software testing, databases and automation.

Teaching and application period

Below you will find all programming courses that FITech offers. Some of the courses are continuously ongoing and some have different application periods. To find out the exact application period, see course details. If the application period is not active, you can subscribe to the course. This way, you will receive an email notification when the application period starts or other course information is changed.

All studies are free of charge. FITech reserves the right to change the course information without prior notice.

NB! You can apply for one or more courses, please accept only those study places that you are going to complete. Some courses have limits on the amount of FITech students. Persons without a valid study right to a Finnish university have preference to those courses.

Beginners' courses
Intermediate courses
Advanced courses

What do our students think?

Marko Väätänen

"The Cloud computing course met my expectations and the basics of cloud services became familiar to me. The course was very well designed and implemented for the needs of distance learning, and the exercises carried out on the AWS platform were also good."

Jani Rajamäki

"Tykkäsin Ohjelmoinnin peruskurssi Y1:stä sen toteutustavan vuoksi, sillä sen pystyi tekemään tenttiä lukuun ottamatta etänä. Nyt pystyn laajentamaan työnhakuani myös sellaisiin paikkoihin, joissa vaaditaan Python-ohjelmointikielen osaamista.”

Susanna Sulonen

”Ohjelmoinnin peruskurssi Y1 on ollut FITech-opintojen parasta antia. Kurssi oli vaativa, mutta sitä oli helppo tehdä etänä. Suosittelisin kurssia jokaiselle vastaantulijalle, jos vaan koodaaminen kiinnostaa.”
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